Friday, April 14, 2006

spring pictures

free phone sex and free naked pictures !!!

ok boys heres the deal..
you want to see me naked right?
I know you can care if Im happy or not just as long as Im naked and you can wank..
so heres the deal you like to get something for nothing free pics free phone sex?
well its your lucky day :)
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Saturday, March 25, 2006

why i should be spoiled and how

Are you sick of talking to woman that go through the motions of sounding like they are having fun on the phone with you?
Maybe its time to hear a woman with a brain in her head huh and not just telling you oh ya baby I can suck your cock good lol
But I know some of you can care less if I have a brain and the small talk makes you wanna hang up and move on so we can get down and dirty if that's what you want your wish is always my command. Talking about command I am not a push over boys don't email me asking for free samples or free wanker miles because Im not having it. You can call me and talk about whatever floats your boat and maybe at the end of your call and you have spent at least 10 minutes with me I might be nice and send you a email with 1 minute towards your next call.
If you spend longer than 25 minutes with me I would be willing to send you a few more minutes.
If you do get the itch and spend over 30 minutes with me I will send you my wack pack. whats a wack pack you ask lol. anyone that spends over 30 minutes with me gets a wack pack could be one of me really naughty pics and free minutes maybe a dirty story written by me. The wack packs are surprize goodies for callers than spend 30 minutes, but if you spend more than 30 minutes or spend 100 bucks or more by spoiling me by clicking my spoil me buttons you get the bonus wack pack 3 of my very naughty pics and 5 free wanker miles (minutes)

What I am looking for in a caller...

someone that doesn't grunt in my ear!

a great listener

a good story teller or roll play

looking for a few good slaves

someone willing to be trained by me maybe on cam if my time allows that

guys if you have been wanking for hours and think you are only gonna last like 1 minute don't bother it takes longer than 1 minute for me to grab the phone and go get comfy on my bed or sofa and it may just tick me off to hear you grunt and hang up !
if you can just last like 5 minutes hay well its better than 1 minute go ahead give me a call maybe you will like me enough to wanna play longer cant hurt by trying huh lol

If you are reading this and thing wow shes a b@$%h lol well ya cant judge redhead by the rude commits she makes just know shes always right and fighting her is a losing battle lol
Hope to hear from ya soon!
If I'm not online just email me and see if I can be available to talk to really make my day by clicking my buttons or listening to my recorded message
talk to you soon wet smooch

Sunday, February 19, 2006

horny men rule

oh there is nothing better in this world than horny men calling me wanting to grab their hot cocks!
wanna be next?

hope to talk to you soon smooches Jennie
smooches Jennie

Friday, February 03, 2006

my diary

I just got some new toys and I cant tell you how much I love the feeling of my egg vibe'n on my wet clit

hope to talk to you soon smooches Jennie
smooches Jennie
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